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Zenbei Judo Team is dedicated to developing judo champions that are successful in life, both on and off the mat. We have a structured coaching system and philosophy for all age groups, abilities and motivations.

Olympic Sport Judo is derived from Jiu Jitsu. It involves throwing opponents and controlling opponents with grappling techniques in order to prevent escapes by holding pins or submissions. No punching or kicking in Olympic Judo.

Judo is much more than an Olympic Sport or a self-defense. Judo is one of the best ways to shape positive character and physical form for a lifetime.


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Kids Program

Our Jr Judo curriculum is especially catered to kids Kindergarten and up. These classes are ideal for helping children develop Confidence, Focus, and Discipline. They are also a terrific and fun way to help your child improve his or her Physical Fitness. Our Jr program is very well-rounded and is not based on competition.

Your children will have the best time in a fun high energy atmosphere. We guarantee it!

Self Defense

Teens and Adults

Introduction to self defense. Basic self defense skills, ground-fighting skills, and stand-up fighting capabilities. Modified for all skill levels. Practice is based on real-life experiences and endurance enhanced drills. Develops self-confidence.


Kids, Teens, & Adults

Our competitive team is Utah's most successful amateur judo team, having medaled in more regional, national, and international tournaments. Our team is the home of several nationally ranked champions and Junior Olympians.

We are dedicated to developing judo champions that are successful in life, both on and off the mat. Our athletes must demonstrate character, teamwork, respect, and the desire to train to the best they can be.

Zenbei has been very successful at the National & International Junior Olympics winning several gold, silver and bronze medals.


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